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Top 10 most popular posts. Updated: 12 January 2020

1. KISS as the opening band for the ”Sharkonomics 2” book launch

2. Book release of ”Sharkonomics 2” at KTH the 19 November

3. Stefan Engleseth/Keynote Speaker at the worlds leading speaker agency/ The London Speaker Bureau

4. Video: You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

5. Call to action: Homo Stupido at Publishizer (video)

6. The book ”Sharkonomics 2” is now available on pre-order

7. Free download: ”Sharkonomics 2” before the book is released

8. From E-Commerce to Word-Commerce

9. Solving the future of AI live at a keynote for AIM North Symposium

10. Our brains expand with music

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