A workshop for PE Accounting at SEB that bites hard into digitalization with Sharkonomics

Published by on februari 20, 2020

Recently I had the honor of holding a keynote/workshop for PE Accounting at SEB. There were many hungry entrepreneurs and startups in the audience. (Their personalities are like a sharks – wherein they have to move or they die).
PE Accounting is disrupting the accounting business by automating and digitizing it for fast movers. SEB is one of Scandinavians leading banks – they would like to get their costumers to swim faster with digitalization. The response from the audience was amazing – Swedes are really biting hard into Sharkonomics 2!

Here is some great feedback from the workshop:

”Now we swim even faster!”
Sharona Gessler, Deputy Head at Mid Corp Stockholm, SEB

”Big thanks Stefan, So amazing!!  
Olle Rydqvist, CEO, PE Accounting

”World class! A powerful inspirational speaker and a pure business genius!”.
Magnus Serratusell Wallin, Marketing Manager, PE accounting

”A fantastic event!”
Camilla Drangel, Marketing Specialist & Business Development, PE Accounting 

Photo cred: Magnus Serratusell Wallin.

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Fantastic to be one of the great speakers at Big Data Day 2020

Published by on februari 3, 2020

Fantastic to be one of the great speakers at Big Data Day 2020.

Sharing the scene with amazing speakers as Don Brancato.

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If you can’t beat them, eat them!

Published by on januari 24, 2020

If you can’t beat them, eat them!
Sven Hagströmer
Quote with permission from panel at book release of ”Sharkonomics 2” at KTH the 19 November, 2019 Stockholm, Sweden.

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5 Pages/Stars press clip in Norwegian leadership magazine LederNytt

Published by on januari 20, 2020

It’s amazing to receive such an esteemed response to Sharkonomics 2 around the world. It feels especially pleasing to hear positive feedback from this prestigious Norwegian magazine LederNytt.

Read the full article here (pdf) by reporter inger Lise S. Kontochristos (5 Pages/Star article).

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Sharkonomics 2 in Hongkong bookstores!

Published by on januari 17, 2020

So great to see my book Sharkonomics 2 in a bookstore in Hongkong!
Photo Thanks to Johan Nylander.

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Video: Science + Feelgood = Great New 2020

Published by on december 31, 2019

Great TED talk by Robert Waldinger.

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Stefan Engleseth/Keynote Speaker at the worlds leading speaker agency/ The London Speaker Bureau

Published by on december 19, 2019

It’s an honor to be a part of the legendary speaker bureau, which is world famous. So many great speakers have been a part in this: Sir Richard Branson, Will Smith, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Erin Meyer and now myself, Stefan Engeseth, Keynote Speaker. It feels great and hopefully this will propel my book, Sharkonomics 2 to swim faster around the globe.

London Speaker Bureau represents some of the world’s most prominent politicians, economists, business leaders, entrepreneurs and influential thinkers.

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Future – is already now

Published by on december 17, 2019

Future – is already now.
Tove Chevalley, Innovation Director, Electrolux
Quote with permission from speech at Poetics of Future Work, 6 December 2019 Stockholm, Sweden.

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Top 10 most popular posts – Updated: 2 December 2019

Published by on december 2, 2019

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2. Book release of ”Sharkonomics 2” at KTH the 19 November

3. KISS as the opening band for the ”Sharkonomics 2” book launch

4. Video: You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

5. Call to action: Homo Stupido at Publishizer (video)

6. The book ”Sharkonomics 2” is now available on pre-order

7. Free download: ”Sharkonomics 2” before the book is released

8. From E-Commerce to Word-Commerce

9. VIDEO + THANKS to everyone at Sharkonomics 2 magical book launch!

10. Our brains expand with music

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Solving the future of AI live at a keynote for AIM North Symposium

Published by on november 28, 2019

Recently I had the honor of holding a keynote address at the leading AI-conference in Northern Europe, AIM North Symposium, with over 70 speakers. With nearly 1.000 people in the audience it was an impressive seminar. The day was magical, filled with energy, and shared by tech people. In my opinion it’s like a 70s disco (everyone likes to dance with each other). The dj for this event was Xplorico. They have a habit of getting people who love to disrupt and dance together, which creates great energy for change.
My keynote was based on Sharkonomics, adopted into the topic of AI. I appreciated the feedback it received.

Solving the future of AI live on stage
Before I entered the stage, I listened to great speakers from around the world all saying the same thing: AI is great, but humans are a limitation. We’re putting our ”bias” (mistakes and limitations) into the coding and algorithm. Even big companies, such as Amazon, failed because of human limitations.

You’re Gonna Need a Bigger IQ with AI
So when I entered the stage and began lecturing, I felt the need to address the elephant in the room. (Homo sapiens have limitations) In fact we need a bigger IQ to handle AI. I was a bit nervous to mention that little fact. To deliver my point, I showed and spoke (for the first time ever) about my upcoming book: Homo Stupido: Are We Intelligent or Stupid?
If I where an AI, I would not be satisfied with what humans had to offer in coding. I would simply turn to nature to find better and smarter patterns for my algorithms. Also are humans disconnected with nature? (That error is killing the planet, so there is no good source or great coding). To strengthen my point, I mentioned that we do not know enough about our own wired software, and also the fact that we’re destroying the planet; there’s a new Cold War, and unstable economic systems.

How great AI could turn reality upside down
In the artistic circles, it is well accepted that we have collective thinking, as a collective hard disk. Artists are sensitive people, and can download art, music etc, from this source – this is not possible to prove today. In my opinion, couldn’t the genius Leonardo da Vinci create and invent AI, considering the fantastic innovation he created in his time? Homo Sapiens are not that smart, and at the time we did not have the skills for these massive innovations. Leonardo the artist also was connected to a collective thinking. (That dimension is free from time and space) I know it sounds like the Matrix movie, but when AI connects us to this dimension, will any patent in the world be relevant or legal? In my opinion, it’s a new world and positive stage were heading into.
The question is, what would an AI, based on Leonardo da Vinci, create today?

Biting into the Shark tank I also had the privilege of being the moderator, together with Berg Moe (fun and smart) at a Shark tank. It was really fun and exciting to hear the start-ups (sharks) pitching their AI ideas to a group of investors).
All the start-ups had great passion, heart, and belief in their ideas. The investors wanted to now more about the numbers, future and market situations. It feels like mixing relations for business. There were some really good mixes coming out of this Shark tank, and I believe we will see some baby sharks grow into big sharks. Perhaps they will not only use AI, but also Sharkonomics to swim and grow bigger.
Thanks to all the great people I met, and for all the great feedback on my keynote.

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